“We protect our Nature and Environment” under the program of Afforestation at Ba Vi National Park supported by AEON Environmental Foundation (Japan)

On March 11, 2017, the Central Institute for Natural Resources and Environmental Studies, VNU, and four other secondary schools in the buffer zone of Ba Vi National Park, including Ethnic Minority Boarding School, Tan Linh, Ba Trai and Khanh Thuong Secondary Schools organized a contest called “We protect our Nature and Environment”.

This is one of the environmental education (EE) activities for schools as a component of the Afforestation Program between CRES and the AEON Environmental Foundation. This environmental education activity has been implemented for these secondary schools with the main purpose of raising awareness on environmental protection among pupils. Benefiting from these environmental education activities are teachers and the pupils through training sessions, seminars and field trips, as the knowledge of current status, methods and appropriate ways for natural resource conservation, and wise use as well as environmental protection has been passed on to them. Since then, the teachers now have had more valuable knowledge for their class’s sessions and four nature protection clubs have been founded in 2014 with different names like: Green Club, Club for a green home, etc. and hundred pupils have participated with 16 teachers. These clubs organize monthly thematic workshops at the school level, with themes focused on the protection of natural resources and environment.

Photo 1. Pupils are demonstrating fashion for the purpose of environmental education

Photo 2. A pupil is illustrating the pictures and images for the campaign of conserving nature and protecting environment in the locality.

“We protect our Nature and Environment” contest has attracted the active participation of all the clubs with the presence of at least 10 pupils from each school. The sessions of the contest covered by the Grading Committee includes: (i) Introductions of the four clubs, (ii) Q&A game on the understanding of Nature and Environment Protection, (iii) Rhetoric and (iv) demonstration of pictures on Natural Resources and Environment Protection. After 4 hours of competition, the Ethnic Minority Boarding School has won the first prize, the second is the Tan Linh Secondary School, followed by Ba Trai and Khanh Thuong who were both in third place. At the end of the competition, Dr. Vo Thanh Son, on behalf of the Grading Committee, presented the prize for these 4 clubs with a warm appreciation for enthusiastic and effective participation of teachers and pupils from the 4 secondary high schools for the past period.

Photo 3. Dr. Vo Thanh Son, on behalf of the Organizing Committee, is presenting the prizes to the award-winning schools.

Photo 4. Photograph of the Organizing Committee with some pupils of the secondary