Call for Participants for the International Joint Research and Training Workshop on Environmentally Green Technology for Sustainable Development Goals and Net Zero Emission

Driven by the deterioration of environmental quality and the climate change, 2030 sustainable development goals (SDGs) and 2050 net zero carbon emission (NZE) have merged as significant global issues. More than 130 countries have set or are considering a target of reducing the
emission of greenhouse gases to net zero by mid-century. Up to now, most countries have pledged to cut down CO2 emission by at least 45% in 2030 and achieve the net zero emission in 2050. This huge challenge creates a great need for most governments to focus on the
development of cutting-edge green technology for a sustainable environment and energy.
Actually, not only the net zero CARBON emission, the net zero emission of water and solid
waste are also essential to achieving the SDGs goals by 2030.