CRES has a wide national and international cooperation in its activities. Within Viet Nam, CRES’s researchers and community developers closely collaborate with university faculties, environmental research centres and government agencies and departments nationwide, such as:

Within Viet Nam National University, Ha Noi:

College of Science

College of Social Sciences and Humanities

Institute for Biotechnology and Micro-biology;

Hue University;

Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources;

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development:

Forest Protection Department

Viet Nam University of Forestry

Institute of Water Resources Management;

Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment:

Viet Nam Environmental Protection Agency

State Department of Social and Natural Sciences Management Ministry of Sciences and Technologies;

Viet Nam National University, Ho Chi Minh City;

Vinh University;

And many provincial agencies.

Internationally, CRES is affiliated with a variety of some 80 research and Development agencies, some of which are listed below:

Action for Mangrove Reforestation;

Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA);


Ford Foundation;

Friends of the Earth (JAPAN);

International Crane Foundation (USA);

International Development Research Centre (IDRC);

International Society of Mangrove Ecosystem (SME);

The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation;

Man and Biosphere (MAB);

Nagao Natural Environment Foundation (NEF);

National Environmental Foundation of Japan;

Netherlands Development Organization (SNV);

Rockefeller Brothers Fund (USA);

Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA);

World Conservation Union (IUCN);

World Resources Institute (USA);

World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF);